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Making Time for Mom

Celebrating Mother's Day 2015
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This Sunday is Mother's Day!  All mother's are different & while some may have a mother who has passed, others may have an aging mother who is housebound. Don't let this stop you from celebrating your Mother and all that she has done for you.
For Mother's Who Have Passed
  • Create your own wreath - If you have a grave site you can decorate, creating a wreath that truly says "This was my mom" can be a wonderful way to share her quirks, her dreams, and her happiness with others. Some creative ideas include a "Bingo" themed wreath for those who have a mother that always loved going to bingo, a gardening wreath with seed packets & a small hand tool sprinkled among her favorite flowers around a foam or vine wreath, a tea wreath using empty packets of various flavors of tea with some flowers & a tea strainer; whatever her love you can create a wreath to let the world know something about her.
  • Create a Scrapbook - Pictures speak a thousand words. Taking the day to look back on your life with mom is a wonderful way to remember her.
  • Watch Movies/Video of Her - If you're lucky enough to have videos or movies of your mother through the years it would be a wonderful way to honor her time here on earth. You may want to have old reel to reel movies & VHS transferred professionally onto a DVD so your family can enjoy them. Call it a gift OF mom on Mother's Day.
For Mother's Who Aren't Healthy
We found many wonderful blog with ideas on how to handle celebrating with an aging mother when she is housebound or restricted due to health reasons. We also enjoyed Visit Right At Home's Blog for Mother's Day here. They service anyone who may need assistance in their home with healthcare assistance and in-home caregiving.
Standard Mother's Day Ideas
Those who are lucky enough to have a healthy mom to celebrate with should truly understand how lucky they are and put some effort into letting her know she is loved. Again, we're not talking having to buy expensive gifts or go to high priced brunches; believe it or not she loves you for being hers & no amount of money will change that.
Here are some plain old regular & mostly affordable ideas that don't fall under the typical lists of things like: 1. Take her out to brunch  2. Buy her flowers  3. Send her an edible basket, etc.
  • Go For a Walk - Take mom someplace that she's comfortable & able to walk. Even a short walk, if the weather won't cooperate that day, can be a wonderful time if you use an umbrella or have to bundle up a bit.
  • Fresh Flowers - Remember when you were a kid and used to pick dandelion bouquets for mom? Remember the smile she would have at those beautiful "weeds" sitting in a cup on the table? Be a little more grown up with these fresh cut flowers by cutting flowers around your home or in the wild. A bouquet of wild flowers or tulips & daffodils can brighten a room and mom's day.
  • Movie Date - There are some great movies out now and most mom's don't take the time to go to the movies. Maybe a movie date would be a nice relaxing afternoon for her?
  • Puzzle Time - If your mom enjoys puzzles why not purchase a puzzle that you can work on with her. It's kind of a Mother's day gift that keeps on giving because you can stop by to visit and work on the puzzle with her. If she prefers word puzzles or crosswords, the dollar stores have a great selection you can buy and put into a basket that you decorate for her.
No matter how you choose to honor your mother, make the day special for both of you. Put aside one day out of the year to spend time with your mother if you can. Mother's are the one person who will never stop loving you, no matter what.
Happy Mother's Day to all of the mom's out there!