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Tell The Wolves I'm Home

A Book Review by Beverly Pechin for
Enlightening & Emotion Packed
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The author tells the story of how families can be torn apart by the world and all of the strains it puts upon us. It shows us how we can find love in so many ways, so many places and often when we least expect it.  She allows the reader to view every character in a different way; allowing the reader to decide what love really is.
Set in the late 1980's at a time when AIDS was just coming to light and the world lived in exaggerated fear, a family is thrown into a situation they would have no realistic idea how to handle it. This was a time when Ryan White's story was well publicized as he was forbidden to attend public school because of the fears of parents that their children would catch AIDS. There was lack of education and empathy from a majority of the world, making those who had AIDS live in loneliness and extrication from society.
The main character of Tell The Wolves I'm Home (Finn) is dying of the disease. He happens to be the Godfather & uncle of a slightly eclectic teenager named June. Her mother is Finn's sister and as they visit him regularly through is dying days, June sees a certain distance and nervousness when they interact.
June is at that age of awkwardness; having no real friends to speak of she's a loner with a vivid imagination. The best times of her life are either when she's either alone pretending to be in another era or spending time with her Uncle Finn.
June's older sister Greta is just short of genius and seems to be the perfect girl. Yet, while Greta excels at everything she does, it all comes with a price that nobody seems to realize.
Tell The Wolves I'm Home is written with an amazing insight to a young mind at a time when the ignorance of a disease made the world a different place. Sharing the story of a family who is thrown into turmoil they never expected nor desired. The family becomes entwined in an amazing story of love, hatred, ignorance, and dysfunction.
There's no question that the author, Carol Rifka Brunt, has an amazing talent as a writer. Tell The Wolves I'm Home is a book that will make you laugh, cry, question humanity and most of all turn the page wanting more.
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